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Seminars, Trainings, Workshops 2017

May 2017

This workshop is meant for actors and directors. We will apply the Method of Acting Coach Susan Batson, using her Exercises and Steps as in her book „Truth …Since we are expecting partecipants from different countries the workshop will switch between German, English and Italian according to the necessities. Don´t worry, everyone will be understood. 

  • Creating a Character
  • Public Personae, Tragic Flaw und Need  of a Character
  • Textanalysis with Beats and Actions
  • Scene Work: Directors direct Actors  

Time and Place

from 15th - 20th of May 2017, from 10:00 - 18 :00

in the Schauspiel Studio Homely House
Johannisberger Strasse 28, 14197 Berlin

max. 4 Directors
max. 10 Actors
max. 3 Observers

directors, writers, and everyone passionate about film making is welcome to watch.

participants € 300,00
observers € 145,00 


Please send a picture, your résumé  (or a link to your show reel) phone number to or to above address. I will confirm your participation  in an email or letter. If you have to cancel  three weeks prior the beginning of the workshop you will be charged 20% of the fee, 10 days before the workshop you will charged 80%, and 2 days before you have to pay the entire fee. Should you be seriously ill or involved in an accident and you cancel the day before you will be charged 30% of the fee. Should you find someone else to take your place no fee will be charged. Please call me if you have to cancel (0049 170 900 6986) 

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