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Where I come from

In the ‘60s I grew up in a little village of 50 inhabitants in India. I spoke both Hindi and British English and only with some difficulty did I speak some German with the family at dinner. When I was 8 years old we moved back to Berlin and within three months I had forgotten my Hindi because it felt too strange to speak it. I went to an American High School and my English became American; at the same time, I learned to speak and think in German. I have always loved learning languages. As well as English I also speak Italian and French and I am currently learning Spanish. 

I started acting and performing at the age of 14 in an International Theatre Company in Berlin. After finishing high school and graduating with Abitur, I met different teachers at the Actors Studio, New York, and learned as much as I could from them. 

Susan Batson, though, was and is my main teacher and mentor. 

I began to act in films and TV. It started off with the Edgar Reitz TV series "Zweite Heimat" (13 episodes of two hours shot in 32 mm in color and black/white) and there I really learned how to act on camera. Later on I had many opportunities to act next to such great actors as Donald Sutherland, Anthony Hopkins, Isabella Rossellini, Bob Hoskins, Erland Josephson, and Kate Winslet.

In 1996 Susan Batson encouraged me to start to work as an Acting Coach. As a single mother, this career began in my living room with my young daughter sleeping next door. Since then I have coached hundreds of actors and developed a passion for my new role. Laura Tonke (Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress 2016 in Germany), Nina Hoss, Julia Jentsch, Michael Neuenschwander, and young Nora Tschirner are amongst some of the many actors I have had the privilege of working with. 

In 2009 Simone Bär, the internationally renown casting agent in Germany, put enough trust in me to work with Michael Fassbender as a Dialect Coach. I will always be grateful for this opportunity and those that followed. Cate Blanchett, Saoirse Ronan, Crispin Glover, Sylvester Groth, Thomas Kretschmann, Saskia Rosendahl are amongst the many other great actors I have worked with since.

Later on I discovered and was able to explore my passion for theatre with the opportunity to direct several theatre plays in Oxford, London, Potsdam and Bern.

Susan Batson´s acting book Truth was translated into German and I assisted with the translation and proofread it.

My first foray into playwriting was with the play David Copperfield which was published with the Deutscher Theaterverlag in 2017.

Lena and Kate