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Projekts, Films, Interviews 2019

Pelican Blood by Katrin Gebbe

starring Nina Hoss, will be shown at the International Filmfestival in Venice 2019 and at the International Film Festival in Toronto 2019. In the preparation phase I worked as a coach with the actors. I am looking forward to seeing it!

Somewhere Else Tomorrow by Daniel Rintz

A day-dreamer rides around the world on a motorcycle, surviving only on money he makes along the way, until he finds what he wasn’t even looking for. In autumn 2019 finally it will open in the cinemas. I supported Daniel as a dialect coach. Great joy for me.

Für die Internationalen Kurzfilmtage in Winterthur 2019

bin ich als Coach bei der Künstlerbegegnung zwischen Autoren, Produzenten, Gamern, Schauspielern… und ihren kreativen Prozessen aus der südlichen Region Deutschlands und Österreich und Schweiz mit dabei. Die verschiedenen Künstler zusammen zu erleben, was sie sich ausdenken und umsetzen finde ich mega spannend. 
IBK-Künstlerbegegnung 2019

Theater Festival in Naples Italy 2019

At the Theater Festival in Naples, Italy, I will be taking part in the play Arsenal of the Appearances directed by Maria Angela Robustelli, an adaption of Luigi Pirandello
"The Giants of the Mountains" - June 23rd, and 24th.
As an actress and as Acting Coach. In Italian! Mama Mia! What a challenge.

Acting workshop from May 27 -29, 2019 Residenz Domicella

Acting workshop from May 27 -29, 2019 close to Naples, Italy, at the Residence Domicella. Living, Eating, Acting and of course LA Dolce Vita … I like to work like that, once in a while.
Info and pics:

The Defector by Florian Gallenberger

In The Defector, an adaptation of the novel by Siegried Lenz, directed by Florian Gallenberger I am happy to coach the leading actress Malgorzata  Mikołajczyk in my function as a Dialect Coach, preparing her for the shoot in summer 2019. It will be an ambitious and exciting 2 episode TV Film. 

The New Pope by Paolo Sorrentino 

In The New Pope by Paolo Sorrentino I had the pleasure to work with Lore Stefanek in the preparation of her juicy and complex part. I am looking forward in seeing it on screen.

Sleep by Michael Venus with Sandra Hüller and Gro Swantje Kohlhof 

In the film Sleep by Michael Venus staring Sandra Hüller and Gro Swantje Kohlhof I coach Gro Swantje Kohlhof. We met before during the preparation of Tore is dancing by Katrin Gebbe. Sleep is a skin-creeping and moving film.

Seminars in August 2019 in Zurich 

In Storytelling beyond boundaries: four countries, three encounters I will be giving the second of three seminars in August 2019 in Zurich. Artists from film, literature, radio play, animation art, video and games coming from different parts around Lake Constance will take part. To try to create something overcoming the boundaries of the different arts is an inspiring idea.

Coaching an acting in Pirandello The Mountains Giants in Naples

In June 2019 I will be coaching an acting in Pirandello The Mountains Giants in Naples, Italy. Quite a challenge for me. But Naples is one of favorite cities to be! 

Russenstory by Johanna Moder 

Julia Jentsch just finished shooting Russian Story by Johanna Moder. Again it was such a pleasure to work with her prior to the shooting, examining her character from all possible sides.

Q and A with Susan Batson about her work as an acting coach

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In The Fire

Director Daphne Charizani is shooting her next film In The Fire end of September 2018 in Greece. Th last weeks we have been working together preparing the shooting. I am looking forward to seeing the film on screen. 

I don't love you anymore!

directed by Max Färberböck for the German ZDF. Young actress Geraldine Schlette (11 years) plays a difficult and important role in this film. Since two years she we have been working on different parts she has been playing in theatre. Now, finally, her dream come true and she can act in front of the camera. She is very proud. (Me, too, a bit.) 

When Hitler stole pink rabbit

I had the pleasure to work with Carla Juri on her character in "When Hitler stole pink rabbit" by Judith Kerr, directed by Caroline Link. The most famous and tender children´s book on the exile during Second World War in Germany. 

North German Detective Story

In the North German detective story the leading actress Sophia Dal always eventually manages to find the murderer. We worked together preparing the shooting.


YOUTUBE Interview von Julian Schlichting von Der Sprechplanet 
mit Lena Lessing