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Coach for actors, directors and young talents

The Secret of the Death Forest

In the German TV series The Secret of the Death Forest I worked with Karsten Mielke on his role as the bad tempered commissioner Lohse.

3. part Wed.09.12.20 | 8:15 pm


The Queen’s Gambit

In the successful Netflix Series The Queen’s Gambit I worked with Janina Elkin in the preparation for her role as Mrs. Borgov.


The Whistlers

In The Whistlers by Corniliu Porumboiu I coached Antonio Buil in his role as whistler and mafioso.

The man who ate the world

The film The Man who ate the World by Johannes Suhm will
be shown at the International Filmfestival in Hof 2020. 
I collaborated as the Co Director.
We made it. Incredible. A courageous project done with the
help and commitment of many people. 
Internationale Hofer Filmtage / 2020


Rescue in the mountains

In the Austrian TV series Daniela Schulz plays the main character in the episode TO LET GO.
I coached her in this. Quite an intense character. 

A Bliss. A Family. A House. An End, without an Ending.

In the time of reclusiveness due to the Corona Virus I sat down and finished writing my script for a film. Now it is about getting it done. I want to direct it!

Wilder - 3. Season

It takes some courage! I will act in the 3.season of the Swiss TV Series WILDER as the chief editor of an important newspaper. Big fun. And it helps me as Coach to see how much it takes to expose yourself as an actor. What an art.

Netflix is producing an exciting Biopic Series Terra Vision 2020

It is directed by Robert Thalheim. The true story of how Google Earth really was developed. Breathtaking. I have the pleasure to work as Dialect Coach with the wonderful actor Seumas F. Sargent

Berlinale 2020

Two completely different films will be shown at the Berlinale Festival February 2020.
I worked as a coach in both of them.

Berlin Alexanderplatz

By Burhan Qurbani, in competition.

The Shepherd - The Story of a Jewish Dog

By Lynn Roth film for children and teenagers.


Wilder - Michael Neuenschwander is one of the main characters in the 3rd season of the successful Swiss TV series Wilder. More cannot be said but the story is breath taking. I am working with Michael on his complex character. Gripping.

Little America

Little America - The TV serie is set in the 50s in Germany and will be starting March 2020.
I am working as a coach with several actors of the main cast. Touching. 


YOUTUBE Interview von Julian Schlichting von Der Sprechplanet 
mit Lena Lessing