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Acting Coach

1996 I started to work as an Acting Coach. My main mentor was and it remains Susan Batson, the internationally renowned coach of Nicole Kidman, Juliette Binoche, Jennifer Lopez and many others. She taught me that acting is an honorable art and that it can be structured. That includes Text Analysis, Beats and Actions, the Need, Tragic Flaw and Public Personae of a character and most important of all: the intimate connection between actor and character. I can offer on set coaching or coaching in preparation for a role.

I give workshops for actors and/or directors all over Europe. Each time I focus on a different aspect of acting, tailoring the sessions to the needs of the participants. In the workshops, we create a safe environment where we can explore and experiment. It is a never-ending investigation of the human soul and its expression. I enjoy it profoundly.


Private Sessions

For authentic and credible acting you need a relaxed body, an open mind, responsive senses, a vivid imagination, sharp thinking and expression of your emotions. For great acting you need personality and charisma. 

How to let go and find your spontaneous and individual expression.

Text Analysis
How to divide a text into expressive beats and actions.

Public Personae
Need and Tragic Flaw - How to build a three dimensional character: "A walking, talking, feeling human being".

Intimacy in Acting
How to expose the inner need of your character.

Career Planning
It's all about choices: what do you want and what do you have to do to get it?

Pictures and Internet Presence
How do you want to be seen and cast? How do you present yourself?

What are the Do’s and the Don'ts. Interviews, scenes of two, etc.

Per hour: 100,-€ 
(discount for students and unemployed)



Julia Jentsch finished shooting the film Frau Muttertier (Mrs. Dam) by Alexandra Helmig und Rudi Gaul. The prepping of Julia Jentsch was fun and we had some good laugh. Being a mother myself I know how absurd it can get when you try to be the perfect modern mom, business woman, wife, friend, lover …etc, etc.

Anna Schinz plays a complex character, torn between her necessity to earn money as a single mother and her moral beliefs in the TV drama Private Banking by Hugo Film CH, directed by Bettina Oberli. In the preparation we tried to unravel all the different layers of this character. 

In the preparation with Michael Neuenschwander and Chantal Le Moign we tried to understand the hidden sides of their characters and discover the psychology behind their actions in the intimate Swiss film  Zone Rouge by Cihan Inan. Five friends meet after twenty-five years at a class reunion. A sensation of feeling young again … but with the past the skeletons in the closet step out into light, too.